What surprised/affected you most in Russia?

Before my (first) trip to Russia began, I said to myself to travel with an open mind and an open heart. This helps to see the things the way they are instead of clinging to images or ideas in mind.
I was surprised to see so much beauty in Russia. Untouched nature, beautiful forests, creeks and flowers I had not really expected to see in such abundance. Pure mountain spring water , waterfalls, and distances
I only knew from Canada impressed me on a daily basis of the trip.

Your personal experience with a certain dolmen?

After having seen a few dolmen during the first few days of our trip, the group of dolmen we were guided to by our friends Vadim and Olga through half-empty river/creek beds up to the top of the hills were my favourite dolmens. In particular the first big one, on which roof slab I decided to rest for 20 minutes with view through toward the sky whilst being surrounded by tree trunks and light green oak leaves was the most beautiful experience for me.

Afterwards I quietly sat down on the yoga mat I had brought along and then it came to me that I started writing down a lot of insight, that literally came from the inside of myself. I asked questions and got the answers immediately. A very fascinating and impressive experience.

Your spiritual discoveries/revelations?

Perception of Time:
During our trip, my perception of time completely changed as it slowed down every moment to what it actually was.
When we drank tee, we drank tee. When we were walking outside, we were walking outside, when we were meditating at a dolmen, we were meditating at a dolmen. Not two activities interfered with each other. This was incredibly relaxing and appeasing.

Perception of Space:
Being within our small group from all over the world put together and also in the by far largest country in the world (17.9 sqkm), so much abundance of pure nature is available on this earth, which is truly amazing.

Perception of Truth:
When you for the first time see someone or something and you cannot help judging based on your own mindset, culture and background, you will quickly notice that you will get your lessons taught at a later point of time.
The dolmens revealed to me that you will always learn afterwards why you have encountered such a situation, met with such a person, or undergone such difficulties in life. For me it absolutely proved true.

Was it important for your personal/spiritual development?

The spiritual discoveries and revelations were very important for my personal life and spiritual development. I had unanswered questions and needed to know the answer or at least if I was on the right way. These answers came, as I am convinced, through the presence of the dolmen, from my own intuition. This is because no-one else but me knows the "I" in myself, even if hidden in my subconsciousness.
The presence of the dolmen just help release this information. The only thing I had to do is to write them down in my book.

Your advice to people wishing to go but hesitating over the challenges and circumstances?

There are many ways how to plan a trip. You may start a year in advance or you may be tempted to dare a more spontaneous trip.
If you decide to participate in the first place but then all of a sudden you feel you get hesitant or even reluctant to your initial idea, I can only say, "Don't overrule your intuition!". Often your initial thoughts are the ones coming from your intuition. Have you every noticed that when you answer a multiple choice questionnaire, the best answer usually comes first and not after thinking for 30 minutes.
Your intuition or inner voice usually knows best or what is best for you, respectively. Therefore, trust your inner voice, your initial idea from your Soul.

I definitely do not regret at all to have dared the spontaneous decision to participate, to have ignored the questioning faces from my co-workers, all the more I am happy as I have been rewarded with such an outstanding experience I would not want to miss in my life.
I guess I now have to stop advertising or I won't get a spot for next year's trip... :-)

Many thanks to our great guide Yuri and his team.

Hans-Juergen Gehrke
Frankfurt am Main

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